Planning a future in Cosmopolitan London – L&Q

Pursuing a career in mixology, Amélie Diaz moved from France to London for the opportunity to work in one of the world’s leading cocktail scenes. Renting in a shared flat in Camden, Amelie enjoyed being close to London’s bar life, but thought that renting was the only way she could afford to live in the capital.

Amélie comments, “Whilst I loved the convenience of living in Camden, renting left me wondering where my money was actually going. Giving hundreds of pounds to my landlord every month felt like a waste, but I didn’t think that I had any other options. From talking to friends and reading the headlines, it seemed that you couldn’t buy a home in London unless you were really wealthy.”

When Amélie heard about L&Q’s Shared Ownership scheme at Weavers Quarter in Barking, she was amazed to find a solution that would help her get on to the property ladder.

“I was looking at the figures and realised that my monthly costs wouldn’t be much higher than my current rent, and the required deposit was within reach. I immediately called my friends and family to say I was planning to buy a home in London, and they thought I was crazy!”

Amélie bought a 35% share in a top-floor, one-bedroom apartment, with a deposit of just £13,500.

Amélie continues, “I was surprised to have enough money for a deposit, as you only pay a deposit on the share you purchase, not the full market value. I thought that maybe in the future if I was buying with someone, then we might be to able save for a good deposit but being able to buy a home by myself was very unexpected.”

Amélie first visited Weavers Quarter in September 2018 and received the keys just 3 months later in time for Christmas.

Amélie adds, “I visited the Weavers Quarter show home and immediately fell in love. Opening the door to the apartment, I took one step in and saw my future laid out before me. I immediately started to picture it with my furniture in, enjoying summer evenings with a BBQ on the balcony, or a soothing bath in the modern bathroom.”

Having completed the necessary eligibility and financial forms, one month later Amélie was notified that she had secured her first choice of apartment at Weavers Quarter.

“I like everything about my new apartment. When I go to work I can’t wait to get back home, because I feel so comfortable here. I like every element of the home, from the open-plan living room to the spacious bedroom.”

“It has been so fun to design each of the spaces! One of the first things I did when I arrived was get out my measuring tape and get the dimensions of every space. I then put Sellotape all over the floor to work out how all my furniture would fit, and ensure everything would look good together. I was walking around with this huge smile on my face, knowing that I owned everything in the flat.”

Amélie was impressed with L&Q’s level of service, helping to navigate her through the home buying process.

She mentions, “The L&Q team were fantastic. From an initial tour of the show home through to a detailed guide of my own apartment, they kept me informed throughout the process and gave me heaps of advice. The welcome gifts they gave me on completion was the cherry on the cake!” 

Barking proved a fantastic find for Amélie, giving her the London lifestyle she’s always enjoyed, at an affordable price.

“The thing I like most about Barking is how you have everything on your doorstep. The transport links are amazing – the District line, Hammersmith Line, Overground and C2C services are all a 10 minute walk away. Plus there’s great shops and supermarkets close by, and a high street with a regular market.”

Amélie finishes, “I feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. Shared Ownership has given me the opportunity to bring stability to my future, and invest my money wisely. If you can raise the deposit, then I would recommend anyone to investigate Shared Ownership – it is a great way to get on to the property ladder.”