Shared Ownership Week 2024

Celebrating Shared Ownership: the affordable, smart way to buying a new or resale home. Purchase a share in a brand new property – usually a minimum of 25% of the home’s value – and pay a subsidised rent on the part you don’t own. Buy further shares later until you own your home outright.

Stay tuned for Shared Ownership Week 2024, dedicated to the affordable, smart way to buy a share of a new or resale home. Full line up coming soon.

Line up

12:00 PM

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How does it work?

Shared Ownership Week is your go-to place to learn about the part-buy, part-rent craze that everyone is talking about. You can browse our exciting line-up, sign up for a webinar, or decide what talks you want to attend on the day.

Letting first-time-buyers become homeowners, without the fear of breaking the bank. If you want to learn more about how it can help you, Shared Ownership Week is the place to be.

Frequently asked questions

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Where is Shared Ownership Week being held?

Shared Ownership Week is being held on a mix of online webinars, podcasts and hybrid events. This is ideal if you want to take part without leaving the comfort of your home.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a mix of live and virtual events. This means you can either participate in an event in person, or catch it online – the best of both worlds!

How do I sign up for an event?

To sign up for an event, have a look through the line-up and find something that takes your fancy. You can then put your contact info in to be notified about when it starts!

Why should I attend Shared Ownership week?

As a first time buyer, the insights you will gain at Shared Ownership week are simply unmissable. If you think you know everything there is to know about Shared Ownership, this special week might surprise you.

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