Lucent Point provides home-away-from-home for NHS Nurse and her family

Government research has indicated that 22,043 of our much-loved NHS staff have Filipino citizenship – the third most common nationality for NHS workers behind UK/British, and Indian[1]. It is little wonder therefore, that Lewisham – home to the esteemed Lewisham hospital – has such a tight-knit, and thriving Filipino community. For NHS nurse, Novalyn Anonuevo (42), her husband Ernani (44) a concierge, and twin sons (8), this was one of the sole reasons for purchasing a stylish new build two-bedroom Shared Ownership apartment at Peabody’s, Lucent Point in Lewisham. Novalyn and her family now benefit from a convenient position – just ten minutes away from the hospital, numerous public transport links, and the boys’ school; as well as a home that provides a fundamental sense of familiarity.

Both Novalyn and her husband have lived in London for the best part of 18 years after relocating from the Philippines in 2002. Novalyn explains: “We used to live in North-West London, but after having the boys we decided Lewisham would be better suited to our needs. This decision was partly based on the fact that I work at Lewisham hospital, but also because there is a very strong Filipino community here. We have lots of friends in the area – many of whom work at the hospital – so, in some respect, it felt like a home away from home.”

Novalyn, Ernani and their family previously rented a two-bedroom flat in the area. Novalyn comments: “The property we rented before wasn’t ‘old’, but it certainly wasn’t brand new; so, it was essential for us that our next home was fresh and contemporary in order to cater for our busy lifestyles. We were also impressed by the excellent security features at Lucent Point; including an audio entry system, multi lock doors and viewers. My husband often works night-shifts, so, safety was an important consideration for me.”

Speaking on their initial reasons for beginning their home ownership journey, Novalyn explains:
“Our main reason for moving was that we wanted to get onto the property ladder. Saving for this was tough, because we have commitments back home in the Philippines. We send money to our family over there to help pay towards their education. When you pair these outgoings with London rental prices, saving becomes incredibly difficult. All in all, it took us five years to save for our first home, so we were excited to start our journey once we had enough money.”

Novalyn adds: “We came across Lucent Point by Peabody at a London home show in 2018. We spoke to a member of the Peabody team, who gave us some valuable information about the site, and encouraged us to register out interest. We also spoke to one of Peabody’s interior designers here, and she helped us envisage our future home. Overall, it was a great experience, and re-affirmed our belief that Peabody was the right developer for us.  We were happy to wait two years until the building was complete in order to view and to purchase our apartment. The scheme ticked so many boxes that were willing to make this small sacrifice.”

She continues: “The location was one of the biggest selling points for us as a family. Not only are there plenty of amenities nearby, but I am a 15-minute walk from the hospital, my sons are a five-minute bus ride from school, and my husband can reach the train station in just a few minutes; making his commute to Knightsbridge quick and simple. The property itself is much bigger than our rented accommodation, which is great for our boys as they’re young and energetic! We love the contemporary feel of this property compared to where we were before; the specification is amazing, and the kitchen and bathrooms been designed to be sleek, and hassle free. We also have a balcony with amazing views of the London skyline; and we’ve filled the area with hundreds of plants!”

Novalyn and Ernani secured their home through the Shared Ownership scheme. This is a part buy/part rent scheme, where a home-hunter can purchase a share of a property and pay rent on the remaining share. Novalyn and Ernani plan on staircasing as soon as possible. Staircasing is where a home owner can purchase additional shares of their home, enabling them to own a larger portion. Buyers can staircase all the way up to 100%, and full ownership of their home.  Novalyn comments:
“We used the Shared Ownership scheme to secure our home at Lucent Point by purchasing a 35% share. We plan on staircasing after two or three years, which should give us sufficient time to save. Our outgoings are fairly similar compared to what we were paying before; anything extra goes towards our mortgage – and therefore, our future.”

Novalyn and Ernani conclude the interview by commenting on the quality of care they received from Peabody: “The Peabody team was absolutely fantastic. Buying a property can be quite stressful, and they really looked after us throughout every step of the process. We can’t thank the Peabody sales team enough for making this such a positive experience.”

Due to the popularity of this scheme, all homes are now reserved. Thankfully, Peabody has two more stunning schemes located in Lewisham; The Pomeroy, and The Muse.
The Pomeroy is an exclusive development comprising Private Sale one-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom duplexes – available through Help to Buy. Each and every property has been designed to offer buyers the best of contemporary urban living; with thoughtfully planned layouts maximising the available space and stylish interiors. Both Queens Road Peckham and New Cross Gate over-ground stations are a short walk away, and both provide quick links to Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Kings Cross St Pancras. In partnership with Sherrygreen Homes, The Muse offers a dynamic collection apartments, maisonettes and houses – available with London Help to Buy – making them a great choice for buyers with a range of lifestyles.

Peabody is committed to providing high-quality homes that cater for a range of buyers. Available in a variety of tenures, each and every Peabody home showcases the company’s discerning attention to detail. For more information on the Shared Ownership, Private Sale, Help to Buy and Resale options Peabody has to offer, please visit and search your preferred way to buy.