Josephine turns friends into neighbours at Motion – Peabody

The dream home is hard to find, but when you do, it feels like something to brag about. This was the case for Josephine, a first-time buyer who went on to purchase a one-bedroom flat at Peabody’s striking development, Motion, in Leyton, through the Shared Ownership scheme. From the moment Josephine settled in at Leyton, she has raved over her new home to colleagues and friends. Through her recommendation of the Peabody development, she managed to pique the interest of a colleague, thus turning a friend into a neighbour: “Since settling into my new home, I’ve had loads of interest from all of my friends, clients and colleagues in the Motion development. A friend of mine even bought her first flat as a result of my recommendation!”

At the beginning of Josephine’s journey, she knew she’d have to asses her options. Josephine knew that in her financial situation, Shared Ownership would be the right choice for her.  She elaborated: “I started my house-hunt back in March 2019, having saved up a deposit but knowing I would need to look into a scheme which could help me make the big step. When doing my research into Shared Ownership, the scheme from Peabody was immediately on my radar. I found the website informative and insightful, which in turn made the search easier.” Peabody is a leader in the field, delivering quality homes for aspiring homeowners who require support to get onto the property ladder. Josephine experienced this first-hand when moving to Motion from her previously rented accomodation in Hackney: “The Motion development came up quickly on my house-hunt since Peabody was one of the first companies highly recommended for Shared Ownership. They provided me with information on new sales and helped me every step of the way – which was a huge weight off my shoulders.

For many, the thought of relocating from their prior neighbourhood might seem like a daunting experience, but in Josephine’s instance it turned out to be a blessing. She commented: “It’s great to be living in a buzzing new area that is both affordable and has plenty on offer. I’ve found that Leyton has just as much activity as Hackney, if not more with the influx of new things popping up. Living here has only added 10 minutes to my commute and it’s also not too far from my old haunts in Hackney, something that was very important to me. ”

Leyton and the surrounding area of Lea Bridge boasts a wide variety of open green space, ideal for those who are looking to ramp up their fitness regime. With a healthy outlook in mind, Motion is perfectly situated at the heart of a growing mini-Holland that takes full advantage of the surrounding cycle paths. These paths give easy access to great outdoor spaces in just five minutes such as Lea Valley, Epping Forest and Hackney Marshes. If the preferred way of commuting is by bike, residents can reach Liverpool Street in 29 minutes and Stratford in just 16 minutes from Motion. However, in the cold winter weather commuters also have Lea Bridge Station on their doorstep, which is a one-minute walk away from the development and Stratford Underground Station being a six-minute rail ride away on National Rail.

With a plethora of local coffee shops such as Café du Metro and the trendy Perky Blenders, local supermarkets and small retailers for residents to enjoy, Leyton is fast becoming one of the most desirable locations to settle into London, making it the obvious place to recommend for family and friends of Motion residents.

Motion has a selection of one-, two- and three- bedroom apartments available for purchase through Shared Ownership, starting at £105,000 for a 30% share. For more information, visit or contact 020 3369 0526.

Private sale is also available at the development, with prices starting at £430,000 for a one-bedroom property. For more information on Motion private sale, visit or contact them on: 020 3906 1955.

To discover more homes through Shared Ownership and private sale across London, please visit or contact 020 7021 4842.