From communal living to a place of her own – Newlon

Queensland Road, a landmark multi-storey development on a former industrial site adjacent to the Emirates Stadium, was the last part of Newlon Housing Trust’s housing to be completed as part of the Arsenal Regeneration Area – one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe. One of the residents living there shares her story.

Natalie, who works as a digital designer, had lived in over 30 shared houses before she decided it was time for a change.

“Although I loved communal living, I felt like I was wasting money on rent and it was time to get a place of my own”, Natalie explained.

Due to the cost of getting a property on the open market and because she didn’t want to deal with estate agents, Natalie decided shared ownership was the right choice for her. She saw the Queensland Road flats being built and a friend who lived in another Newlon property nearby suggested she take a look. She was immediately impressed.

“I knew I wanted something modern and didn’t want to live in a Victorian or suburban semi-detached property. It was actually my first choice – architecturally it was quite unusual, which I really like. I didn’t even look anywhere else. I just signed up off-plan.”

Another big draw for her was the inner London location and the quality of the flat itself.

“The area has excellent transport links and I can get it work in 30 minutes”, said Natalie. “With the time and money I would have spent travelling from further out, it made sense to get a flat in a more central location and it is great to be so close to the bars and restaurants on Upper Street.”

“The flat itself is lovely too. Everything is finished to a high spec and it is light, which it is important to me. Plus the layout of makes it accessible for disabled or elderly residents, which is nice to see.”

But for Natalie the most enjoyable aspect of her current living arrangements is the ease at which she can socialise with her neighbours.

“I think it is really important to build a community. I held get-togethers in my flat and in communal areas, and introduced myself to my neighbours in the corridors and the lift. I was active in helping to set up a Residents Association, with some financial assistance and advice from Newlon.”

“We also started a Facebook group, which I promoted with posters and asked other neighbours to help administrate. It provides a great forum for giveaways, shared practical info and DIY tips,” added Natalie.

Of course buying a home can be a complex process so she appreciated the friendliness of Newlon’s sales team in guiding her through it. And ultimately she ended up with a property she was really happy with.

“I’m really glad I chose this place – it is the biggest present I have ever bought myself!”

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