A new home in Redbridge with Newlon

Napier Apartments is one of Newlon’s most recent developments. Built in conjunction with Rooff, it is located just a couple of minutes’ walk from Goodmayes station. One of the residents there shares her experience.

Holly, who works as a scientist for the NHS, has lived in London for 13 years. She was renting with friends in North London before she made the decision to buy a property through shared ownership.

“I had dreamed of owning my own home for many years”, explained Holly. “Shared ownership enabled me to get on the property ladder much sooner than I imagined.”

Holly looked at a variety of properties and housing associations before settling on Newlon’s Redbridge-based Napier Apartments, which she was immediately impressed by.

“I liked how big the apartments were, as many properties I had looked at before were so small you could sit on the sofa and cook at the same time! The development is also a small block, which makes it feel more homely and neighbourly.”

“It’s a lovely, warm, open plan apartment that comes with parking and a winter garden. Being able to sit outside in the depths of winter with a cup of coffee, looking out at the world, is just delightful.”

Holly was also drawn to Napier Apartments because of the transport links and nearby amenities.

“I’m very close to the local train station, as well as other tube and bus stops, which makes it ideal for getting around London. There are also a number of nearby parks as well as supermarkets, which provide me with the everyday necessities.”

The process of buying a home can be quite complex and lengthy, so she appreciated that each step was clearly explained to her by Newlon’s sales team so she knew what to expect.

Ultimately, with a little help from her family, she was able to put down a deposit and move into her new home on time.

“I would recommend shared ownership to anyone in London trying to get on the property ladder – it’s easier than you think!”

To find out more about the Shared Ownership properties Newlon has available go to newlonliving.co.uk.