How much does Shared Ownership actually cost?

Understand what savings you’ll need to cover all costs needed to get you on the ladder and then what monthly on-going costs you can expect.



Monday 21st Mon. 21st

Start time

05:00 PM


30 Min.

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No need for any complex calculations here. In this session, we will walk you through all the costs involved to begin and continue your journey up the property ladder. 

By the end of this webinar, you will have a clear list of all initial costs which include separate fees for your mortgage and legal advice as well as your all-important deposit so you know what saving target to set.  

We’ll walk you through monthly costs, including rent and mortgage repayments and service charges so you can work out what is affordable for you. 

And finally, we will discuss “Staircasing” – when you’re in a position to buy more shares in your property, we’ll explain the process, what costs are involved and how your mortgage/rent payments will change. 


Jade Turnstill

Marketing Manager,
Share to Buy

Amarjit Sangha

Senior Sales Manager,
Network Homes

Sushvinder Salan

Head of After Sales,
Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing