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Real Life Case Study : 'Living with my parents for three years helped us to save for a deposit'

Around one in ten adults aged over 30 are sharing a home with their parents as a result of steep house prices and soaring rents. One couple who did just that but used it as a stepping stone on to the property ladder was Kayleigh and Gene Daveta.

They got married three years ago and since then have been living at Kayleigh's parents' home in order to save up for a deposit.

She said: "We had been trying to get on the housing ladder for a little while, but could not find anything affordable. However, living with my parents while we saved up for a deposit helped us greatly as we have been able to reduce our outgoings."

Through shared ownership, the couple have recently purchased a two- bedroom house at Centra Living's Blossom Hill Place development in Hensham, Essex. They bought a 50 per cent share at £160,000, which meant we needed to raise a £32,000 deposit. Kayleigh, who is a teacher, said: "The money for the deposit was hard to raise, but we were gifted some of it." Having heard about shared ownership through one of the housing provider's sales advisors, she said: "Shared ownership is a really good scheme and I feel positive about it - it has helped us get on to the property ladder and get a nice home that we could not have afforded on the private market."

Kayleigh added: "Owning this home will improve our quality of life and help us to establish roots in a village community and start a family. It's really exciting to know it's our home, we feel grown up."

The couple would have no hesitation recommending shared ownership to other people in the same position. She said: "Definitely look into the scheme if you want to get onto the property ladder and speak to the sales negotiator to get advice which really helped us."