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Real Life Case Study : Holly's home Holly Chubb, Hartham Place, Hertford

Holly Chubb (28), a logistics coordinator for a TV broadcaster was really keen to buy her own home when she saw the shared ownership apartments at Hartham Place, a development in Ware, Hertford by Network Homes on the Share to Buy website.

"I guess I'm your typical first-time buyer," says Holly. "I had been living with my parents (at the family home in Ware) but I just felt as though I was at a stage of life where I needed my own space," she says.

So she saved up as much money as she could, while a promotion at work also helped to strengthen her financial position. Holly bought a 40% share of her apartment worth £92,000 (full market value 230,000).

"I really like having a place to call my own and not having to worry about disturbing my parents. I love cooking for myself as well as hosting dinner parties for my friends. It's great."

The development's proximity to fast transport links into London was a major selling point, as was the apartment's generous size.

"The apartment has more than enough space, is very modern and comes with integrated appliances, which has been a real money-saver" says Holly. "The fitted wardrobes in the bedroom is also a very attractive feature.

Holly's quality of life has improved greatly since the move.

"I can't believe I live in such a nice apartment! I am definitely happy with my living situation and think it is very suited to this stage of my life – it is great to have something to call my own."

"Shared ownership is brilliant," adds Holly. "The whole process was very smooth there were no hiccups at all. I wouldn't have been able to get on the property ladder otherwise – especially in such a nice area."