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Real Life Case Study : Ben Andrew Interview with Southern Home Ownership

Age: 28
Marital status: Married
Employment: Senior Analyst at NHS
Location: Reading
Development name: The Cedars
Percentage owned: 50%

1. Overall, how would you describe your Shared Ownership experience?
My experience was good and it all happened very quickly – it only took a month and a half in total. Southern Home Ownership, in particular, were brilliant. They were easy to contact and easy to deal with.

2. Who do you live with?
I live with my wife and our little boy who is nearly two years old.

3. Describe the property you live in
It’s a three bedroomed, end of terrace house across three floors. It’s modern and open plan with a massive garden. I was really surprised by the size of the house and the garden. I expected it to be a lot smaller so I am very pleased with it.

4. Is this your first house?
Yes, it’s our first house.

5. Where were you living prior to this?
We were privately renting and had a small two-bedroomed place.

6. How did you hear about Shared Ownership?
I had a friend who had a Shared Ownership flat.

7. Why did you think Shared Ownership was right for you?
We had just had our son and he was getting too old and too mobile for where we were.
There was no way because of the area we live in and the amount of money we had that we’d have been able to buy. I had what felt like a large deposit, but we would have only been able to buy a small flat which would have been too small – like the one we were renting.

8. What does it mean to you to own your own home?
Now we potentially never have to move again. It’s nice to have that feels like your own and it’s a good way to buy something I can leave to my son when I die – not that I plan on doing that anytime soon!

9. What are the advantages of buying property in this way?
Southern Home Ownership were really good taking care of us, it was a very personal service. I had no idea what exchanging and completing meant so they helped.

10. What are the financial advantages of Shared Ownership?
You don’t need anywhere near as much money to get started, plus, the property is new.

11. Is home ownership important in the current market? If so, why?
Yes, you are more likely to get a property you want.

12. How did Southern Home Ownership help you throughout the process?
Buying a house is a complicated process and they made it easy and pointed us in the right direction. The team was really helpful and always available.

13. Would you recommend Shared Ownership to other people? If so, why?
I would definitely recommend it. Most of my friends who own houses scrimped and saved to buy a small house knowing they’d outgrow it and have to buy another one in future. I don’t feel like I have that problem so it’s less of a financial burden.

14. What’s the single best thing about Shared Ownership?
Only having to pay Stamp Duty on the percentage we own has been a big advantage. Based on the size of the share of the house that we bought, it meant we only paid around £2,500, instead of around £8,000.