“Since I found Shared Ownership and Erith, I feel like my dream has come true.”- L&Q

Riverside living in London with L&Q’s Shared Ownership

After renting in Berkshire and Surrey, and commuting into London for a number of years, Bindu Batta, 36, was ready to take her first step onto the property ladder in the capital.

“I have always wanted to own my own property, but the housing market in London is so competitive that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to afford it.

“I’ve had a few bad experiences renting, and at times it was difficult to live in a house share, I just felt it was time for the next step in my life. Thankfully I found L&Q!”

Colleagues told Bindu about L&Q and their Shared Ownership scheme. Upon researching, she learned that purchasing through Shared Ownership could mean putting down a lower deposit than buying through the traditional process.

“I was worried about how I would be able to afford a home on my own. Once I looked into Shared Ownership, I realised that what I could buy within my budget. When I found Erith Baths, I knew it was the right choice.

“It was so quick, I couldn’t believe it! I viewed the show home on the 3rd of January and by the 10th I had put down an offer. I moved in this past June. It was all so simple.”

Bindu purchased a 40% share of a one-bedroom apartment in Erith Baths, located on the site of the former Riverside Swimming Baths in the heart of Erith town centre. Erith is in the midst of ambitious regeneration that will include improved cycling and walking trails, along with a pedestrianised town centre. Now conveniently living between the River Thames and the town centre, Bindu has not missed an opportunity to explore her new neighbourhood.

“I love the water, and my apartment is so close to the Thames. I’m always going on to the balcony or opening a window for the view.

“I’m quite outdoorsy, I enjoy cycling and running. It’s always been a dream of mine to run along the water and now it’s so easy! I’m planning on running down to the Riverside Shopping Centre since it’s nearby.”

Less than a five- minute walk from Erith Baths, Erith train station connects the riverside neighbourhood to central London in under an hour, making both a weekday commute and plans in the city convenient for Bindu.

“My commute to and from Erith is so easy, and I’m so close to the station as well. The last train is at 12.55am, so I can still go out.

“I can still live the same lifestyle now that I own my home, as I did renting.  I still go out with my friends, I still travel. Shared Ownership has been perfect for me.”

Though purchasing a home can be seen as a stressful process, Bindu found the experience very straightforward, and went from viewing to finalising the purchase in just four weeks.

“I began this process not really knowing anything about Shared Ownership. L&Q were unbelievably helpful. It was quite hard for me being a first-time buyer, all of my family is in India so they were not here to help me, but L&Q were truly there for me, answering all of my questions and supporting me every step.

“L&Q were incredibly accessible and reassuring, they even put me in touch with a mortgage advisor who understood Shared Ownership. From the moment I reserved, the sales staff kept in constant contact, keeping me updated and letting me know how my process was coming along. I would not have been able to do this without L&Q’s guidance.”

When asked about how it feels going from renter to homeowner, Bindu explains;

“It was a very emotional journey, it was so worth it. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

“Since I found Shared Ownership and Erith, I feel like my dream has come true. My parents are proud of me, and I am so proud of myself for achieving this.”