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Let your skills flourish in your new home with PricedIn Learning

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Corner Let your skills flourish in your new home with PricedIn Learning

18 September 2018

At L&Q, we aim to make the process of buying your first home as simple as possible, which is why we created PricedIn with L&Q – designed to help you understand how Shared Ownership, the affordable home-buying scheme, can get you on to the property ladder.

So you’ve bought your first home, a feeling like no other, but there’s still more to learn – how does your new fancy intercom system work and where is the boiler? We’ve compiled a few other top tips for new homeowners to learn.

  1. Focus on finances

Juggling mortgage payments, bills and your weekly food shop can feel a bit overwhelming, but some careful financial prep can make it so much simpler. There are countless budgeting apps that can help, or go down the old-fashioned route and buy a dedicated notebook to list your incoming and outgoing expenses.

Our affordable route to home ownership, Shared Ownership, can help if finances are a worry. As a Shared Owner you are buying a share of the property rather than purchasing it outright. Your mortgage only covers the share you own, which helps reduces monthly mortgage payments. Plus with a deposit of just 5-10% of the share you buy, not the full property value, you can save a lot during the buying process.

  1. Go for an explore

Your new home is more than just the four walls which surround you, you’re joining a community. Venture outside your home to discover the local area – it’s only a matter of time before the barista at the local café knows your name and your usual order, and the pub down the road becomes your regular Friday night haunt. And your new neighbours could become your closest friends, invite them round for a cup of tea and find out!

A common misperception about Shared Ownership homes is that they’re only available in undesirable locations. Our Shared Ownership homes at Greenwich Peninsula - a collection of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available in the glamorous Upper Riverside neighbourhood - prove you can buy in some of your favourite postcodes. Surrounded by art galleries, museums and cinemas, you’re in the centre of London’s new culture capital, with the world-famous O2 Arena minutes away.

Meanwhile, at L&Q @ The Denham Film Studios residents are offered the chance to live at what was once the largest movie studio outside Hollywood. Follow in the footsteps of the casts of Brief Encounter andGreat Expectations with the collection of art-deco inspired homes.

  1. Get your chef on

Once you are settled in, say no to ready meals and takeaways, now is the time to get cooking! You have a brand new kitchen at your fingertips, and it’s time to explore. Whether surprising colleagues with a fresh batch of brownies, or trying out that recipe you snipped out of BBC Good Food a few months back, there’s no better time to experiment with your new equipment.

  1. Prepare for some DIY fun

Whether you’re fixing some new shelves to the wall, or want to transform a coffee table you retrieved from a car boot sale, you’re going to be experimenting with some DIY. We recommend buying a high quality tool kit, browsing YouTube for some tutorials, and perhaps running to Boots for some plasters just in case!

  1. Top up on topiary

Bang on trend, house plants are an easy way to personalise a home and bring the outside in. Whether you go for the highly Instagrammable Swiss cheese plant, or something more flamboyant like an Anthuriam, plants are a great way to add colour and texture to a room. Plus you get to watch them grow and mature, knowing that if it weren’t for your watering and nurturing, they would share more in a common with a shrivelled weed than the botanical beauty on your window sill.

For more tips on home buying, take a look at the step-by-step guide to Shared Ownership with L&Q at

If you want to know more about Shared Ownership, visit