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Maximise Your Storage Space In 5 Simple Steps

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Corner Maximise Your Storage Space In 5 Simple Steps

05 September 2016

Once you have made the exciting decision to buy a new home through Shared Ownership, you’ll be able to get stuck into decorating and personalising your new apartment. In order to maximise space, check out our top tips.  

1. Multi-tasking furniture

There’s nothing better than getting more than one use out of your furniture. There are plenty of pieces of furniture that can double up as some useful, space saving storage:

  • Bed – Storage beds are fantastic way of storing items that you may not need on a regular basis, but use enough not to be thrown out. If you have a seasonal wardrobe for work, or play, or both, then a storage bed is the perfect place to keep the clothes that you won’t be wearing during the colder or warmer months of the year.
  • Puffe – Like to put your feet up while watching your favourite box set? A storage puffe is ideal for tidying away any DVDs, blankets or other living room necessities that may create a bit of clutter when not being used.
  • Entertainment centre – No matter how tidy you keep a room, tangled wires will always be an eye sore! Entertainment centres hide away cable boxes, game consoles, DVD players and any other gadgets you may have, whilst creating a nice focal point for your TV. There are plenty to choose from, with options of cupboard doors that can either open outwards or slide to create a slick piece of furniture when the gadgets aren’t being used.

 2. The sky’s the limit

One key tip to follow when living in an apartment is to utilise your vertical space! If you want to maximise your floor space then try going upwards…

  • Shelves – can come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re storing books, DVDs or are even using a shelf for decorative purposes to display vases or photographs, height is your friend. We have some beautiful space saving shelves in our show home at Harvard Gardens which make use of the entire wall.
  • Shower caddies – are great for easy access to your shower essentials! They can either be hung from the curtain rail, shower head or you could have shelves built it to your glass shower screen and bathroom corners.
  • Mounted night stands – A bedside table is a small space that can sometimes be needed to store many items at a time. Books, a lampshade, cups of tea or coffee can take up a lot of space. Try mounting your night stands to create space underneath which can be used for extra free standing storage or baskets to make the most of your extra bedside space.

3. Opposites attract

Magnets can be mounted to several items such as spices, salt and pepper and kitchen knives, whilst also creating a unique display and adding character to your kitchen! You can either use the surface areas of your microwaves or fridges, or start from scratch with magnetic boards mounted to your walls – this is also a great tip for keeping knives away from small children that may be able to reach into drawers and cupboards.  

 4. Hanging around

A simple hook or rod can make a huge difference when trying to think of more ways to save space. You can hang your storage in many different ways:

  • Tension rod – Adding a tension rod to your kitchen cupboards is an efficient way to store your cleaning products that can be hung by their handles. It saves space and even better, the products will be easily accessible without knocking any other items over.
  • Jewellery – You can be really creative in the way your hang your jewellery. A simple hook on the wall will suffice or there are plenty of types of jewellery hangers to choose from. You could even have a go at making your own! 
  • Shoe racks – These can go completely unnoticed in your apartment! The material racks can be hung on the back of doors or the back of your wardrobe. You’ll be able to tidy away your shoes neatly and as each shoe will have its own compartment, they will remain dust free whilst in storage.
  • Utensils – You may be struggling to squeeze all of your pots, pans and other utensils into one or two drawers in your kitchen. Try hanging them from the hooks or rails on the walls or even from a hanging rack attached to the ceiling.

5. Use your alcoves

If you have an alcove that you may think is too small to make use of, think again! The possibilities are endless with alcoves and they are such brilliant space savers. You can build in shelves to display books, DVD’s or even some lovely house plants. If your alcove is big enough, why not create a desk space for your laptop or computer, where you can keep your work separately organised from the rest of your apartment. 

If you are interested in finding out more about buying a Shared Ownership property, take a look at the great properties available atHarvard Gardens in Elephant and Castle.

Christine Shea, Regional Sales Director at L&Q